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“Unique Currency”: What’s in your wallet?

Hugh MacLeod, a daily read not only for his sage advice, but because he has some of the best cartoon work I have ever seen, today talks about a cool notion–“unique currency” He explains this as an asset we all bring to the table in our everyday lives. He tells an advertising friend his thoughts about changing careers back to advertising from TV:

“Well, above all else use something from what you’ve learned in the TV business, in order to create your own ‘unique currency’ within the ad industry. Otherwise you’re just one more schmuck advertising creative over the age of 35, looking for a gig. The market is already flooded with those guys. And they rarely have an easy time of it. There’s just too many people chasing advertising work out there. Brutal. Miserable. Don’t even think of going there.”

We all bring an asset to the team we with work with. I have a couple of very talented people that work with me here, and like an isosceles triangle we fit together perfectly to make an even further uniqueness that is an asset to our clients, that is different from many of our peers. We have a unique currency. Thanks Hugh, and next time you look to bring someone on board your team, just ask the simple question, “What’s in your wallet?”

Techmeme: A Technology River Guide

Robert Scoble recently revealed to me that the popular technology news site is controlled on the back end by a human river guide.  I refer to Gabe as a river guide because of the now often referred to "River of News."  The guide, in this case Gabe Rivera, picks and chooses news items to appear […]

AOL: The Implosion Sequence

Are we seeing the beginning of the end for AOL?  Is this the start of the destruction of an old building for a bright and shiny new one? Questions I have been asking myself this morning as I scan my news feeds regarding the industry.  I see that Techmeme has a link to a story […]

It’s The Holiday Season Is Visa Listening?

In my early days as a blogger, I began learning and using blogs as a father. I spoke about my children and family and was labeled as a Daddy Blogger. As a result of those ties to the community, I read a number of blogs in the parenting arena. One of my daily reads is […]

One By One Media and Google: Companies with similar problems requiring similar solutions.

It’s approaching 1:00 a.m. as I sit down to finally put down my thoughts about the previous day’s events. This has been one of those whirlwind days that a small company owner dreads. I have posted before about the many hats of a professional blogger. A small business owner must also carry many hats. Today […]

The 2006 BoB Awards

This is something we do as a company each year is to give out blog awards to bloggers in many separate categories.  This is something we do to help enhance the blogosphere and to give needed exposure to the little guy that doesn’t normally get the exposure they deserve. At the moment we are taking […]

Coldwater Creek: Can A Catalogue Company Blog?

Reading Kevin Hillstrom’s take on Coldwater Creek: The Little Engine That Could, made me begin thinking about catalogue companies and their online marketing campaigns.  This is the season for catalogues to begin showing up in our bathrooms of the house with circles around those things in each that are on our respective wish lists.  Somehow […]

What’s This Internet Thingy We Keep Hearing About?

I was reading an article that Shel Israel wrote about his recent experience with getting Internet access and paying an exorbitant fee. I also had a recent experience with Internet access, but it was not in some far away land or exotic port such as Shel describes. It was in the good ol’ U S […]

I’ll see your $15,000 and raise you a blog

I have to hand it to art2blog, for their ingenious title of their latest article "$15,000 For A Story On Digg."  It amazes me the way companies want to scam the system or to get results with the least amount of work.  I suppose its the American way to buy results instead of working for […]

Is There A Real World Beyond The Blogosphere?

I used to be able to have an intelligent conversation about world news, about politics and about the latest in sports.  Now I can only seem to discuss what came across my feed reader.  I was joking with my wife about reading my daughter’s report card this time. "Honey, can the school start sending these […]