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Prizes Praise Proper Planning…Prepayment Procrastination Penalizes Partiers

It took me twenty minutes in the shower this morning to come up with that alliteration.  Of course my sleep deprived state probably had something to do with that as well.  The above title sums up what might happen to those that wait too long to make their arrangements to travel with the rest of the bloggers at the Blogonomics Blog Cruise 2006.  After March 15, the cruise amount starts to rise as we get closer to the event.  Those that put in their deposit now will reap the reward of proper planning and will pay less than the poor procrastinators!  For those that sign up now for the cruise prior to March 15, will be eligible for prizes to be announced!

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How many blogs are born and then die?

Wayne Hurlbert posts about the abandonment of a blog, and this is happening across the blogosphere everyday I’m sure. What is being done to track the number of blogs that die everyday? We hear that blog births are thousands per day, but we never get to hear of the number of blog deaths. I wonder […]

To The Power of Scoble

Yesterday, I mentioned a post about A-List bloggers, and at the end I mentioned the word "brrreeeport".  A made up word that Robert Scoble provided everyone to tag in a post and to mention for the purpose of a search engine test. As a result of that mention, I looked over the stats for the […]

The Naked Book Deal

Shel Israel, co-author of Naked Conversations posted about his experience of signing with Wiley publishers a year ago, and his feelings and thoughts as a new author in the process of closing the deal with a publisher.  This rang home with me about my own thoughts about a book proposal, and how I would go […]

The Brrreeeport about A-List Bloggers: Doing it the Old Fashion Way

I have been very intrigued by the buzz swarming throughout the business blogging world about the segregation of A-List blogs from the rest of the magic middle.   It seems to me that like in real life, you have people that are successful and experts in their fields, and those people deserve those titles.  I also […]

RSS and Some Organic Search

I have a some search feeds that I continue to monitor as a part of my daily reading, and while recently reading through my aggregator I came across an interesting article and I decided I would click through to see the site. Turns out the site is a blog written by Ann Mennke called A1AWeb Internet […]

Blogging For Beginners – Revelations of a Professional Blogger

Darren Rowse is putting on a series called "Blogging For Beginners".  This is intended to help all of the new bloggers and "Prebloggers".  Darren is definitely a person to teach about blogging.  I’ll be following along with this series and if I think Darren is missing the mark on his discussion I’ll add to the […]

Been so busy I didn’t blog this until now … Qumana releases v3.0 beta

You know you’ve been busy when you don’t get a chance to blog about your own product!� As some of my readers know Qumana has been privately testing the beta for our new v3.0 of Qumana. And now you can try it too! We’re really excited about it and well, we think you will be […]

Are Blogs Reaching A Crossroad?

I have been wandering around the blogs and my RSS feeds and I am seeing a flavor of the week as it relates to blogs. I am seeing people talk about A-listers and the nepotism of their cliques. I am seeing people talking about attribution and linking and other bloggers snarking about the big guy […]

Blogjacking – A happy ending!

We have posted previous about our friend having her blog hijacked and someone taking it over.  We are pleased to report that Blogger and Blog have been reunited and everything is back to normal.  But for some great posts by some of our friends, we would not have been able to help her.  Blogger responded well […]