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A CEO Blog shouldn’t be ghostwritten, sorry Debbie

Ghostwriting of CEO blogs.  I though we put this one to bed a while ago, but I guess not.  Okay, it seems that from Debbie’s post that some people think it’s okay and pretty much the rest of the Blogosphere disagrees.

I know CEOs are busy people, but they still manage to send e-mails to their VPs and such.  That’s why Blackberries were invented.  Once post a week, maybe two, that would be great.  Don’t have time to put in the links?  No problem, fine have your admin do that.  No biggie.  The idea of a CEO blog is that it’s an inside look in the the company.  Not a filtered view of the inside look into the company.

I could never write with the perspective of the CEO and get it bang on.  I’d miss the subtle tone and style that makes that person interesting.  I don’t care how good a ghostwriter you might be, you are still a filter.  Your persceptions will still colour the outcome.  Sorry it’s basic quantum physics and a little anthropology/sociology theory thrown in for good measure.

Eric Eggertson takles this topic as well, not at the level of the CEO, more at the level of “should your PR firm write your blog”.  Umm, no.  Bad idea.  Anyone who is paid to make you look good and put the best spin on bad news for you isn’t going to be a good blogger for you.  There are awesome PR bloggers out there.  I know lots, Eric is one, Steve Rubel, Joe Thornley, Jeremy Pepper.  But I dont’ think, I hope they wouldn’t, blog for their clients.  They might help their clients blog.  Coaches the blogger and such, but writing? Nope.

The central issue here is one of perspective and transparency.  Transparency, well I’m not going to go there, we know the drill, okay?  Perspective is the important matter.  That feeling, that passion, that insight.  That is was makes the difference between a good blog and a great blog.  You can’t get that from a ghostwriter.  Personally, I think you’d be better off finding a sharp lower-level person on the company, or better several, to contribute to the blog.  Make it a company blog, sure the CEO will chime in a couple times as week maybe, but the rest of the time, show off the amazing people you have in your company.  Let them tell the world about their passion for what they do.

I think you’ll be happy with the results.  Acutally, I know you will be.


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Good discussion of journalists vs bloggers

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The blogosphere has stalled at 15.5 million blogs–So what

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We won’t write the Pointy Haired Boss’ Blog either

I would hate to be Tina.  Actually, I’d hate to be the Pointy Haired Boss’ Communications Department when the Blogosphere figures out that Tina is writing the boss’ blog for him (Tina would probably get Dilbert or Wally to out the faux blog). I know this cartoon is making the rounds on various blogs and […]

The Brogan “Extended Conversation” Manifesto – Web 2.0 Delivers Our Message

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Help us get Livecasting!

Clearly, lifecasting/livecasting is a hot craze.  Jim and I see it as a powerful way to connect, teach, and make conferences richer experiences for everyone. Jim already has a Logitech webcam (one of those round ones) I, however, do not.  Okay I have a cam, but it doesn’t work with Vista so that’s pretty useless. […]

Watch Jim Live!

Jim and I are playing with and livecasting (what a word, eh?).  I’m going to post about this later, but you can watch Jim live right now, in the official OBO uniform (baseball cap and t-shirt):   Technorati tags: Jim Turner, OBO, livecasting, Tweet

Just a little more video from Web 2.0 Expo ….

Did you miss me live at Web 2.0 Expo? Well here’s a blast from the past:     Technorati tags: Web 2.0, Web20expo, Tris Hussey Tweet

Why Blogging is the next “News Channel”

While reading Brad Linder’s blog post about What Local News is Missing, and his review of Rio Pesino of’s interview of local people on the street, it became apparent to me that my news source is Blogging.  Blogging provides me with as much coverage of local, national and even global news that I need.  […]

New Business Card “Just Google My Name” – Are you A Google Celebrity?

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