Archives for November 2007

We Are Here, We Are Blogging, We Are Evolving, We Are One By One Media

Many of you have come by here and wanted to know what is going on in the world of One By One Media, and why we have been dormant.  There are many reasons( you know what they say about excuses), but the biggest of which is we are terribly busy, and suffice it to say that in this case, blogging here seems to have taken a back burner priority.  Those darn clients and customers can be so demanding!

We were recently out in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Convention Center attending, exhibiting and speaking at the Blog World and New Media Expo last week, and I for one am trying to get my feet under me again from what turned out to be a smashing success for us here at One By One Media and for Bloggers For Hire.  I am working on a recap post with photos and all kinds of information and I will be posting that shortly.  I was so glad to get to meet many people in our blogging industry, (yes we are now our own industry) and actually meet in the flesh those that I feel I have known as colleagues and friends online for a long time.  We are about to launch a new look and feel at One By One Media, so stay tuned for more of that soon.  For now, we are trying to get back into gear and up to speed.