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A Test For Monetizing Your Blog With Qumana

As a social media consultant, I don’t actually rely on ad revenue from my blog, i.e. Google Adsense or the like to pay my bills.  If I did, I would have gone back to working in the law as I was before.  I am helping out the folks at Qumana, the blog editor I am testing, with a revival of an old feature.  I used to be back in the day when I was first introduced into Qumana that we had ads that were served using the blog editor and that no longer became viable. For a little bit I am going to feature some ads here in the posts, not because I want to make the big dollars and show you my six figure check the likes of a Darren Rowse at or like Shoemoney.  I am doing it to help out a company that will help out bloggers.  We are always here to help bloggers become better bloggers.  That in turn helps companies that want to hire a blogger or bloggers that go on to get real jobs as bloggers.  I will let you know more as they are ready to launch these things again and will let you know my review of their service and offering.

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Social Media and the Child of Television

I have always been a child of television.  I was born at the height of when television broke on to the scene as the next big thing, and I was doused with it’s essence from day one.  To that end I have some things that are a part of my DNA I believe that makes […]

New Media Marketing? Is it taking a backseat?

Just reading over at Profy and Svetlana Gladkova asking the question, "Twitter is a Popular Marketing Tool?".  The analysis is interesting on Svetlana’s piece and I think you should read it.  The thing that caught my eye was less about the written words and more about the graphic she had in the post.   The […]


I am trying to wrap my had around the idea that Google may possibly be the next owner of our beloved golden child in the world of social media, Twitter.  Are we ready yet to turn the keys to the Twitter kingdom over to the folks at Google?  I have been a serious watchdog lately […]

Social Mediasphere TV Launched

I have recently launched Social Mediasphere TV and added it to my list of blogs including this one and including Bloggers For Hire in the long list of blogs I contribute to and provide.  Social Mediasphere TV is an extension of the radio I was doing on Blog Talk Radio.  You can still go over […]