A Test For Monetizing Your Blog With Qumana

As a social media consultant, I don’t actually rely on ad revenue from my blog, i.e. Google Adsense or the like to pay my bills.  If I did, I would have gone back to working in the law as I was before.  I am helping out the folks at Qumana, the blog editor I am testing, with a revival of an old feature.  I used to be back in the day when I was first introduced into Qumana that we had ads that were served using the blog editor and that no longer became viable. For a little bit I am going to feature some ads here in the posts, not because I want to make the big dollars and show you my six figure check the likes of a Darren Rowse at Problogger.net or like Shoemoney.  I am doing it to help out a company that will help out bloggers.  We are always here to help bloggers become better bloggers.  That in turn helps companies that want to hire a blogger or bloggers that go on to get real jobs as bloggers.  I will let you know more as they are ready to launch these things again and will let you know my review of their service and offering.

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  1. it looks like worth to try

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