One By One Media’s Genesis

One By One Media began in late 2004. Jim began blogging himself in early 2004 and became very passionate about the platform. His passion grew to the point where he wondered how he could take this passion and turn it into a business or a way to make a living to support his family, or at least supplement his income. This became a reality when he started and began the business in 2004 after companies began to ask him how they too could enter into the blogosphere and be successful. Jim began to consult these companies on how social media could impact their businesses and change the way they looked at marketing, advertising and public relations. Social Media is the phrase that pays now and blogging is only a part of that idea. There are many social media tools and applications that are being used today, many more that are being invented, and a few are beneficial and others are not worth the trouble of spending time to figure how to use them. One By One Media is on the cutting edge of testing each of those technologies and implementing those that are best for your company needs. We constantly hear words like “strategy”, “campaign”, “plan” and other ways to describe how social media is implemented into businesses and their future. We have proven techniques and ideas to really help make things work. They have been tried and tested and now we can provide that knowledge to genuinely help.

We Can Help

We fill a need of companies looking for a way to enter into online “social mediasphere”. We can help and consult you on ways to be successful in the space. We have been in this arena for longer than most of our competitors. We have tried and failed on some ideas, and have been very successful as well. We have helped companies just like yours. We are passionate about social media and love what we do. As we enter the world of “new media” and ways to be successful, our company continues to be a trailblazer, leading the way to the end result. Please contact us, we would be happy to help you and all the other companies we can, one by one.