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So are you a Twit?  No, not that, using the new service that let’s you let people know what you’re up to.  I signed up a while ago, but didn’t really use it or update what I was doing.  Then I think something hit critical mass.  Ben, Jim,and I are all on Twitter, along with most of b5 and well just about a who’s who of the blogosphere.  Aaron seemed to have the same feeling I did about Twitter:

However, I’ve been paying attention to Scoble as he has been using Twitter for some time now. He has posted some very entertaining things about it, but in the end my verdict has always been: Nifty, yet useless.

Then someone posted yesterday, I thought it was Scoble, and commented that he uses Twitter because it gives him an eye inside the mind of early adopters. Now that is useful. So I set up my account and to be honest, it’s addicting.
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Maybe it was Scoble announcing that Maryam in pregnant on Twitter before he posted it to his blog.  Maybe it was getting updates live from the tech day at Microsoft as people were walking on stage.  Dunno.  Now I’ve discovered whole global backchannel communications going on.

The question is whether this is just a fad, or a hint of something interesting that will become just part of our lives like e-mail, IM, and blogs.


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  1. Jim Turner says:

    Right now it has become social media overload. I have so many bells and whistles going off in my office from my computer notifications, I am beginning to feel like I work in the Willy Wonka factory and I will be seeing Oompa Loompas next! Perhaps it could be that I have not had a lot of sleep and far too much coffee.

  2. Jim you’re right. The one problem with Twitter is the twitter chatter. I think I need to just remember to switch to web-only so it isn’t beeping at me all the time.

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