Blog Advertising To Become More Popular With Smaller Companies

Business Week Online Magazine has published an article that discusses the paid search campaigns of medium to small sized firms and reveals that the larger companies are begging to nudge out those companies that thrived in this arena previous.  This is forcing medium and smaller companies to begin to look elsewhere for their advertising real estate.  The article ends with a quote from Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim:

Still, many small and midsize marketers are buying far fewer "keywords" and phrases. Merchants are also trying out ads on MySpace and YouTube, or advertising on blogs and niche shopping sites. Says consultant Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim: "The free lunch is over."

I disagree with Andy’s premise that the free lunch is over, I just think it’s time for the medium and smaller firms to look for lunch elsewhere.  These companies will be one step ahead of the big boys and continue to try new markets and new technology.  The smaller companies are more likely to be able to try certain avenues that are unavailable to the large companies just because of their size.  Being a small company that can be an early adopter and on the cutting edge is their only fight against the large budgets spent by the those with the cash.  They must adapt to new ideas and let the big boys continue to clean up after they have had their lunch. 

I see more targeted marketing efforts  beginning to take shape with advertising buying up space on specific oriented blogs.  The blogging communities are beginning to take shape and I think Yahoo has decided that groups like MyBlogLog that they recently purchased is the next phase of early adoption.  In the article by Business Week, they use the example of  This company will now leverage the parenting and baby site communities for their targeted marketing efforts.  They will be able to identify these communities through blog networks and companies like Blogads and MyBlogLog.  What do you think Andy?  Let’s have lunch, you can pick up the tab.

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