Bloggers For Hire

Bloggers For Hire was conceived by Jim Turner in early 2005.  Jim began blogging himself in early 2004 and became very passionate about blogging.  His passion grew to the point where he wondered how he could take this passion and turn it into a business or a way to make a living to support his family, or at least supplement his income.  This became a reality when he started One By One Media in 2004 after companies began to ask him how they too could enter into the blogosphere.  Jim began to consult these companies on how social media could impact their businesses and change the way they looked at marketing, advertising and public relations.  Social Media is the phrase that pays now and blogging is only a part of that idea.  Many companies would like to enter into social media but they always have a reason why they cannot be a part of the online phenomena.  Some of the reasons we hear consistently are: “I don’t have time”; I don’t know how”; We don’t have the resources”; or “I can’t write”.  This is only a small number of reasons why Bloggers For Hire exists today, but this is how it was born.  We eliminated all of the reasons for not joining this brave new world.

Professional Blogging Becomes Reality

We fill a need of companies looking for a way to enter into online “social mediasphere”.  We can help.  We have many people looking for opportunities to be professional bloggers for companies just like yours.  They are as passionate about blogging as Jim and they too want to find a way to be a professional in the new career of professional blogging.  We now call this new position ” Social Media Managers”. Please contact us, we would be happy to help you and all the other companies we can, one by one.