Blogs Move To The NASCAR Sponsorship Model

I was recently speaking with my friend Ben about blogs and sponsorship and I was inspired by Ben to write this post following a post he wrote about sponsors and blogs.   I am taking his good advice and making it more on the extreme side of blog sponsorship.  After all we all would like to make as much money as possible monetizing our blogs.  When I began to think of this I saw my blog becoming the poster child of blog monetizing and having it look like the Blog 2.0 NASCAR of the blogging world.  Sure we could put good quality content into each of our posts, but why not put a little money making scratch in alongside that good quality content.  I’m sure the readers would not have any problem reading through my words of wisdom if there were the occasional logoed advertisement with perhaps a link or two here and there to direct them to the paid sponsorship of this blog.  (Note:  None of these companies have actually sponsored this blog post, and in no way is this a paid review of any of the companies listed herein in spite of what PayPerPost may be advocating after "full disclosure".)  There appears to be a few spots left that I have not yet covered with logos, are there any other takers for the spots?

[Hat Tip For Logos to Font Shop]

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  1. Holy Logo, Batman!! I’ve seen the future and it looks like thi$$!

  2. Hilarious! And scary, because like all good satire there is more than a grain of truth.

  3. Jim, You’re too funny! And here I thought city buses were “over monetized”. 😆

  4. Brilliant! Should be a blog poster

  5. Too funny and too true. As the Guinness guys say, “Brilliant!” I’m still LMAO!!!
    I do wonder what Calacanis would have to say about this though? 🙂

  6. I don’t think it’s crazy at all. In fact, I wrote about just such a model this week. See following link for “Endorsement Badges.”

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