Happy New Year!

From all of us at One By One Media to all of you, Happy New Year! 

We sincerely hope that 2010 is your best year yet!

Preaching From The Social Media Pulpit

I have been preaching about blogging for a long time.  I have been an evangelist and telling companies that they had to blog more they had to have a place for people to “join the conversation” and making it possible for them to connect with their customers.  Like some of the preachers of the past, […]

The Social Media Revolution

I am behind the times on this one but I wanted to get it on my site to refer to it later.  This is a great video and worth the watch. Some of the information in this video is already obsolete.  Social Media is moving at a rate that none of us can keep up […]

Sponsored Status? Not Facebook

I have been a follower of the sponsored conversations and sponsored tweets and the sponsored anything for a while now and I intend to keep on top of it because it does have somewhat of a effect on my business model although indirect. TechCrunch talks about banning sponsored status updates from their application.  This will […]

Social Media Strategies Don’t Matter – It’s All About The Execution

I have been writing this blog post for the last 5 years.  No, I haven’t been actually writing this post for that long, but I have been preparing to write this post for nearly that long.  You see I have been a strategist a long time in Internet years.  I have put many of those […]

How Is Your Handwriting?

There is something to say about getting a handwritten note in the mail. It may go back to the day when I was a young boy and we actually walked a mile to get the mail and it was so rewarding just to find that you had a letter from someone.  My mother would read […]

Old Media A Job and New Media A Hobby: The Problems of Free

I was reading through an article on Spiegel Online International and an interview of Chris Anderson, Editor of Wired magazine.  The article goes into detail as to the thoughts of Anderson and how he perceives the idea of new media.  I wanted to pull out some of the quotes from that article and comment on […]

Blog Comments Help You Learn: The Road To Becoming An Expert

I am not yet an expert, but I am trying to learn to be an expert in my area.  This is why I read experts.  I pay attention to what they are doing and I learn from them. If I listen and store away what they are providing me I garner wisdom.  I read people […]

Common Sense: A Tailor Made Business

I have been doing an inordinate amount of reading and testing and looking and feeling and all the other things I try to do to get a handle on the state of the economy and how social media fits in with marketing, advertising, public relations and all of it, and I had in my mind […]

How Does Listening Convert?

I have been talking about 2009 being the "Year of Listening".  This may be a little ahead of its time as we are still getting sign on for the idea that social media as a doctrine is even worth the space or tab for the business plan or model.  I think that social media gives […]