Are The Customers Finding You Actually The Customers You Want?

Much of what I discuss with customers and leaders of businesses is the idea that they must be findable.  Being findable is becoming easier with blogs, social networks and other applications.  Being findable is not as difficult as it once was given what we have been taught about search engine marketing and the people that have dissected the search game and engines like Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo (source: YEAH! Local). With the help of Christopher R. Schwarz‘s web design company and full-service SEO agency, you’ll gain more Google traffic to your business website. The question remains, are you being found by the customers that you want?

That may seem like a crazy question, but I can assure you I have been found by many customers over the course of the near 10 years I have been in business.  The spectrum of customers has been great long-time relationships and customers that have been such for about one phone call.  The problem is distinguishing those that make a good customer and those you would rather not have. How do you make it easier for those customers you want to find you?

You need to talk their language, and hang out where they are located.

You need to determine what your good customers represent.  They all have a demographic.  Perhaps your best customer is a small business or perhaps it is a very large corporation.  If you are not a B2B company and you want the consumer or individual, perhaps you want a certain age group or a typical man or a mother of 4 with income over a certain amount.  Only you know what your best customer represents. It’s one of the first things I ask new customers of ours. Who is your best customer?  With that said, and now that you have the traits of the perfect customer, you have to talk to that group and you have to make yourself more able to be found by that group.

If your perfect customer is men aged 18-35, are single and like to hunt and fish, you know their language. At least your should.  Most demographics can be found online and most of them hang out in certain circles and look for things a certain way.  Why spend time talking to Mommy bloggers on Facebook and Twitter, when you need to be blogging about how to survive in a forest when the temperature drops while hunting deer? Find out what your demographic is talking about and why they are finding you.  Then be more active in that area.  Your blog is an amplifier, your Facebook page a microphone and your Twitter stream is a personal note of 140 characters to the perfect customer.  Are you talking to your demographic?  If you are then your demographic will find you.  If you are catering to the perfect customer using social media, you will be found in social media by the perfect customer.

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