Project 100 and Connect! Marketing in the Social Media Era

I have contributed to a really cool project that is being led to help the Susan G. Komen Foundation called the Project 100.  This is a book that is being written by 100 great social media minds and people that understand social media marketing.  The name of the book is going to be: Connect!  Marketing in the Social Media Era

I am embedding a Slideshare presentation as a teaser as what is to come.  I wanted to thank Jeff Caswell for the opportuynity for helping a great cause. You can get more information on the book and what is being done at The Project 100 site.

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Social Media Tools Like Twitter Can Be Tough To Implement

I struggle to help some companies not in the cool kids group get the traction they deserve and help with with the use of tools just like Twitter, which brings us full circle to my point (we had to get there sooner or later). … I get many people that follow me on Twitter and when I go to their twitter page they have perhaps 10 updates in the last 6 months or even not at all and they have 3000 people they are following and have about 100

Blogging: So Easy A Caveman Can Do It

Well it looks like the caveman has signed a deal with ABC making my attempt to copy and plagiarize GIECO’s advertising campaign moot.  I wanted so badly to have the caveman tapping away at his keyboard, making fun of Robert Scoble, linkbaiting, Digging, and perhaps even signing up to work for clamshells at PayPerPost!  How […]

After ten years, the blogging genie will never return to the bottle

 Dan Farber ran into his friend Dave Winer at the this past week and they discussed/reflected on blogging ten years on.  If you think about it, blogging has come a long way.  Did it take longer than the forming of the Dot Com bubble?  Were we all just a bit wary of pushing it too […]

Being Naked Goes Global

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and I looking forward to a great 2007 as things progress here at One By One Media and at Bloggers For Hire. It appears that Shel Israel has gone global with his Naked Conversations blog, and he is sporting a new look and new title. I love […]

The Weil Manifesto

A manifesto is a public declaration of a position. We now have a public declaration about business blogging from Debbie Weil, author of the popular book, “The Corporate Blogging Book.” She is by far one of the most influential business consultants on the planet so when she talks people listen (yes, I stole that line). […]