Just What We Need…A Twitter Song!

I think I have seen it all or in this case heard it all and then they come out with a Twitter song! This is awesome!

The Social Media Revolution

I am behind the times on this one but I wanted to get it on my site to refer to it later.  This is a great video and worth the watch. Some of the information in this video is already obsolete.  Social Media is moving at a rate that none of us can keep up […]

The Twitter Blessing

I was just reading this morning on Techmeme the various sites that are discussing the closing down of the URL shortener service Tr.im.  I then came across a post written by Robert Scoble called, "Twitter’s platform shortcomings."  I have written a number of posts about Twitter here and we are seeing the company mature and […]

Social Media Strategies Don’t Matter – It’s All About The Execution

I have been writing this blog post for the last 5 years.  No, I haven’t been actually writing this post for that long, but I have been preparing to write this post for nearly that long.  You see I have been a strategist a long time in Internet years.  I have put many of those […]

Diversity in Hawaii

One of the things that most of the local people here discuss is its diversity.  Many of the differernt cultures all come together be it tahitian, polynesian, portugese, japanese, chinese or other ethnic backgrounds, they all have their own language, philosophy and look. The same goes for resorts, hotels and other places we have been […]

A Social Media Trip To Hawaii

The one where I get you to decide what I will do in Hawaii and then hopefully you too can go along…virtually. I am hoping to live stream the events on my site at Social Mediasphere TV! I will record as much as possible the events that unfold. You choose where and what I go […]

One By One Media Heading South For The Winter

Perhaps that is not as much of a migration as it is a business trip for me.  I am headed to Miami tomorrow to speak at Wordcamp Miami and attend BarCamp Miami and Future of Web Apps ’09. I will be speaking at Wordcamp Miami as I did in Las Vegas on "Blogging for A […]

Project 100 and Connect! Marketing in the Social Media Era

I have contributed to a really cool project that is being led to help the Susan G. Komen Foundation called the Project 100.  This is a book that is being written by 100 great social media minds and people that understand social media marketing.  The name of the book is going to be: Connect!  Marketing […]

Hosted Blogging Applications; Another Example Why They Are Not For Me

I am constantly finding reasons why I am not a proponent of hosting blogging plans. I am a WordPress supporter yet I don’t recommend hosting your blog on WordPress.com, and in spite of the Google mantra of doing no evil, I tell many to run away from Google’s application Blogger. In a recent article by […]

Something Smells Phishy – The Twitter Hacker

I was multitasking when it happened. When I mention the idea of multitasking, I mean serious business. I was once looked at by my old boss as someone that could teach ADD to a rock. I was looking over my emails for the day and saw I had an inordinate amount of Twitter followers. I […]