Check out some cool tools for helping you tweak your site

Darren posted a while back a link to a list of some cool tools for Webmasters.  Wow there’s a term I haven’t used in a long time, webmaster.  I’ve been one of course, really these are tools for site owners.  Most of them have to do with picking keywords and such.  Not really what I consider fun, but one tool caught my eye:

8. Web Design Color Scheme Library – I don’t know about you, but color schemes I like tend to be far from what most people like. That is why I am extrmely grateful that Color Schemer put together a color scheme gallery where there are pages and pages of awesome color combinations to use in a new site design.

Now that’s something I can sink my teeth into.



  1. I use many of the tools from Lee’s post. And the Color Scheme Gallery is really helpful. I use the Dashboard widget also.

  2. Oooh a Dashboard widget! I’ve noticed that Office 2007 has really focused on colour schemes too. Finally, someone making it easier to focus on content instead of design!

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