Copeland of Blogads Calls Out Calacanis of Sequoia On A 10K Smackdown Bet

Henry Copeland today answers the flippant quip by Jason Calacanis that Henry is a puppy that can’t get off the porch to run with the big dogs.  This in an interview posted on Valleywag:

Q. So, poor Henry Copeland [of Blogads]. You’re finally coming after him.

A. That’s like Michael Jordan going after a 12-year old in a game of 1-on-1.

He didn’t exactly say which person was associated with which, but knowing Jason and the way he tends to say whatever is on his mind, and his tendency to be a little more egotistical than some, undoubtedly believes himself to be Michael Jordan.  I has my syndrome, being that the older I get the better I was.  Henry answers the call to play Jason on his own court:

I laughed when I first read that. Typical Jason.

But, having thought about it, I think there’s an interesting game to be played.

Does Jason think he’s the Michael Jordan of blog businesses? If he really believes that mallarky, I’ve got $10K that says he’s wrong.

Henry Copeland has decided to put up $10,000 of his own money to prove a point about money earned for bloggers.  He is positive that he can prove that Blogads has earned more for bloggers in 2006 than did Weblogs, Inc. for AOL.  This seems to me to be a pretty safe bet unless of course we are talking about the difference between what the WIN network of blogs made for bloggers such as Jason himself, and the heavy hitters in that group, but by and large, I would almost put my own $10K in the pot to see this actually happen.  My money is on Henry Copeland and Blogads.  Why?  He only takes a percentage of the money earned by bloggers.  Jason and the people at AOL get the lion’s share of the revenue generated as a result of the advertising monies generated by that network.  Henry’s money would probably be safe if he merely offered up just the revenue received by the political bloggers in 2006 being it was an election year.  It has yet to be seen if this goes anywhere, but at the odds being offered, I would be happy to show up in Las Vegas to be the judge!  How about it Jason?

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  1. Jason says:

    1. this was a joke of a comment
    2. I’m not running Weblogs, Inc. any more… so I can’t really take up the challenge
    3. i’m sure henry has made millions for bloggers and I know when i was running Weblogs Inc. we made millions for bloggers too. however, comparing a publisher to an ad network is like comparing apples to orchards in my mind.
    4. our bloggers take no risk and have no cost… so, they are taking a much different path than the publishers who might work with henry.
    5. henry is a nice guy… my point is I don’t think he can run with me. :-)

  2. Jim Turner says:

    Well it looks like my chance to make $10K the old fashion way is out. I guess I’ll have to beg, borrow or steal….or advertise.

    I am curious however about your statement of “we made millions for bloggers too”. I would have to know what you mean by “bloggers”, as to me, you could be meaning 3 or 4. I have spoken to a number of people that were WIN bloggers and have not had any of them tell me they could live off what you were paying.

  3. Jason says:

    Jim: WIN bloggers when I left were making at least $10-15 a post and more than that in many cases. Folks did 2-4 posts an hour, and that is $20-50 an hour, which is $800 to 2,000 a week *if* they were fulltime… that is real money. We had hundreds of them, and spent six figures a month on bloggers.

    So, we spent millions a year.

    Now, we didn’t have many full-time bloggers (probably 10 when I was running it)… but that was the model. We were always about part-time work, not full-time work. We liked to have a dozen folks working on a blog part time as opposed to two full-time folks.

    best j

  4. As I posted on my own blog, I think the matter of how Weblogs, Inc benefitted bloggers as a whole is a bit more complex than a simple monetary transaction between advertiser and publisher with an agency (BlogAds in this case) in the middle. When Engadget, or Joystiq, or Cinematical, or Slashfood, or whoever links to me, I make money the day they link because more people see my ads. I keep making money for many days to come because I continue to get referral traffic from the site. I also get bumped up in the search engines on whatever the topic I posted on happened to be. And there are probably benefits that haven’t occurred to me. I’m sure I’m not alone in this indirect benefit from a Weblogs, Inc link. BlogAds only makes me as much money as the inventory they are able to sell, which in my experience is something less than 5% of my annual blogging income.

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