Friend Spamming Leaving Facebook?

You have all had a chance to throw a zombie sheep at someone or poked, pushed,  prodded, slapped and rode hard and put away wet your friends and followers on Facebook, and I myself of course have had enough of the fun.  It’s being termed “application spam” or what Mike Arrington is calling “friend spamming.”

Facebook has become nearly a dead entity for me.  I continue to build my community there and I have used it to talk to some of my friends and colleagues, but for the most part I ignore it.  Some of my friends on Facebook are rabid users.  I say this only because I get 100 emails a day about my Funwall and Superwall and Likeness results and everything else that goes on inside the community.  At first I tried to keep up with the madness, but I already have ADD from Twitter and I can’t do both. 

Arrington reports:

First, users can block applications when they receive a request, so no additional requests from that app will get through. Second, they added a “clear all” requests feature that erases all pending requests (my new favorite, and most used, Facebook feature). Also, Facebook is watching how many people block or ignore application requests – too many, and an application has restrictions placed on it.

I think Facebook must have their ear to the ground and a bug in my office.  Whenever I say something bad about them, they do something that doesn’t suck.

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