opens Gnomedex 2007 Day Two

Chris is making his opening remarks before day two really kicks off.  On Wednesday I was chatting with Ianiv about this year’s Gnomedex.  We thought this one would be different than previous ones.  We didn’t know if it was going to good different or bad different.  Well it’s a very good different.

 Cali and Neal from … it started with a dream, they didn’t have have experience, they didn’t have “permission” they did it.

Inspired by Dawn and Drew … they started podcasting … then video.

Tidbit … Cali Lewis isn’t her real name … hmm so a Web 2.0 pseudonym … interesting.

“You better use strong tape because she sweats…” Needing to tape Cali’s mic to her to she can be heard.

“I didn’t own a camera before I bought her…” Oops!

Those videos are not online…”

Without experience, without time even, but they had passion.  Is that the secret sauce of all Web 2.0?  Is it the passion that makes the big difference?  You know I think so.

Just Start! …

The questions are getting into the techie–cool stuff.  Okay, of course this is interesting.  Really, though, the best part is the dynamic between Cali and Neal … they are truly a couple with a great dynamic.

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  1. interesting that a Web 2.0 pseudonym seems to be okay now

    two years ago that was considered taboo when blogging

  2. First rule of a successful video blog… Generate good content and feature a cute girl. (If you can’t do both…get the the cute girl.)

  3. Didn’t know Cali until Wednesday … one thing is for sure, she really does love her gadgets.

    Ross, I agree … I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a firestorm about this … yet.

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