Have You Sourced Your Crowd Today?


I have been thinking about that title for a while and how i could turn that into a million dollar money maker as a bumper stickers for the new social media generation. I was actually thinking of making a blog post about how we crowd sourced the people in Twitter, Facebook, Friend Feed–well you get the idea, no need to belabor that longer, in getting a new logo header image on the blog here, and me a new looking brand for 2009.

I mentioned on Twitter that I was having some difficulties with photoshop and some other things I needed done, and the help we received from that “crowd” was tremendous. I had ideas of changing my company name and brand, and looking to do some different marketing, advertising and public relations for myself and mentioned that too. I was overwhelmed by the generosity of the whole experience. Many people from all over wanted to help me. It was a good old fashion barn raising, or in this case i guess a blog raising. I have been hearing the crowd sourcing phenomena for some time and now i know why it is so popular.

My entrepreneurial spirit being what it is, I’m thinking a t-shirt of the title or a bumper sticker. What do you think?

[Photo via Allison J]

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