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I have been using a new blog editor for a about a month, and before now I had no idea how convenient a this type of service could be given the fact that I contribute to so many blogs.  I guess I should disclose that since I have been using this service, it should be expected that I would have a glowing endorsement of its use.
I recently had a conversation with the President and CEO of Qumana regarding their product because I would like to have most of the bloggers I employ use this service, and  I wanted them to know of my intent.  Qumana is a relatively new company that began this summer in June, and they are making great strides in the blog editing business.  They have many competitors that provide the same service, but it appears that they take the feed back the receive seriously and make changes as needed.
I decided to interview Fred Fabro, the CEO and Founder of Qumana about his product. I am posting the highlights here.
One By One:  Who is your target customer?
Fred Fabro:   I call them hobbyist bloggers and people who are passionate about the topics that they write about and are looking for the best tool to use and also those who are looking to make an extra income from their blogging, and the “smart” blogger who writes 4 or more posts a week, probably has more than one blog

One By One: Where do you see Qumana’s future headed, their vision?

Fred Fabro: Our goal is continue to get as much feedback from the users as possible such that we can build the best tool for them.  Our vision is to build the best tools for the smart blogger to help the blogger make the most money.
One By One:  Does your service work with all platforms?
Fred Fabro:  Not quite all platforms yet, but most of them. When we get a bunch of requests to support a particular platform, we do our best to incorporate it n with the tool itself. Qumana is only Windows compatible at the moment, but my company is furiously working on a cross platform version.
One By One:  During my recent trip to San Francisco, I met Tris Hussey, and he is listed as the CBO of your company,or a Chief Blogging Officer, this is not a position I have heard of previously, what is the function of a CBO?
Fred Fabro:  Unfortunately, building a company is a lot of work and there is only just enough time to do everything that needs to be done. We want to show our commitment to blogging and decided to appoint someone to make sure we are communicating and demonstrating that commitment.  I think this type of role will have to emerge. Everyone in general is expecting more information, and more timely relevant and transparent information. Blogging is the best way to accomplish this task. 
One By One:  He has done a great job.
One By One:  Qumana is a free service, will this remain as a free service?
Fred Fabro:  Yes it will remain a free service. Our revenue model is based on the advertising. When the users find it appropriate to include advertising in their blog posts, they make money and so will we.
Qumana is a Canadian company that is on the cutting edge of blogging.  I am recommending that all of the bloggers that are “Hobbyists” or have more than one blog look to this company as an editor that you should use for your needs.  I for one am endorsing the blog editor, and would like to see all of my professional bloggers also use this service.
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