New Media Marketing? Is it taking a backseat?

Just reading over at Profy and Svetlana Gladkova asking the question, "Twitter is a Popular Marketing Tool?".  The analysis is interesting on Svetlana’s piece and I think you should read it.  The thing that caught my eye was less about the written words and more about the graphic she had in the post.


The thing that made me note this graph was the far right three forms of online tools being used, blogs, podcasts and Twitter.  I preach of course that these are the "new media" and that companies should be embracing them, but it is nowhere near the use of direct mail.  I was amazed at the lopsided view of this. Twitter is the new media darling and blogs are making somewhat of a comeback since breaking on the scene at the beginning of the century.  I am curious how the study was conducted and as I understand it it was conducted by WebTrends.  The study appears to address only the European companies but I think that the results can be indicative of what is happening here as well. According to, as the economy keeps dipping and we go back to the "what works" idea of marketing, I see the testing of social media to be take a backseat to the more measurable results of the past.

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  1. That’s exactly what makes the survey even more interesting – we all expect tools like blogs, podcasts, and of course our darling Twitter to be much more important than the survey demonstrates they actually are. The only think is that I’d guess for US companies adoption of the latest tools could be a little wider than it is in Europe but the difference is hardly actually drastic. But of course I believe it is just a matter of time – corporations invariably take longer than individuals to start using such things but they will sure arrive once the efficiency is demonstrated.

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