Practical Magic vs. Practical Social Media

When I did my recent post about effective social media, I had a chance to peruse and surf around at some other colleagues that have written about the same ideas.  I wanted to take a moment to single them out so that my readers here could get another take or a different perspective on the same idea:

Li Evans – “What is Social Media’s Purpose? Honestly, Its Not About Links”

Brian Carter – “White Hat vs Black Hat Social Media Optimization”

Mitch Joel – Yes, But Can You Seed The Blogs And Online Social Networks

Social media if done effectively can be done without smoke and mirrors and without poor credibility and with lasting results.  Like the SEO industry before it, Social Media is becoming the new black.  I wanted to make sure that in every industry we could point out the Black Hat (bad guys), the Gray Hat (controversial guys), and those doing it the right way (the old fashion way).

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