Robert Scoble To Become A Daddy Blogger

Robert Scoble announced on his blog today that he is going to be a new father in September.  Congrats to Robert but even more to Maryam.  Robert now can enter into my world as a Daddy Blogger.  Yeah he had Patrick already, but there is nothing like blogging the experience.  I of course got my start in blogging as a Daddy blogger, a way of talking about my kids and what it was like to be a father of two young ones.  It was so great, I had two more kids.  My excuse was that I needed more blog fodder.  In the comments on his post, he says that Maryam is nixing any ideas of podcasting or videoblogging the event.  I know this is Maryam’s first time as being a Mom, so she gets the first one for free, but be aware Maryam, I live blogged my third child.  My wife could only roll her eyes and try to explain the blogosphere to the nurse in the birthing room.  I would have explained it but I was too busy posting and checking stats. 

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  1. LOL that you made your wife explain the blogosphere to the nursing staff WHILE SHE WAS IN LABOR.

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you today. We were in a marathon meeting and not really checking e-mail. We do need to talk soon about moving forward, though :-).

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