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We need to understand what and how people experience computers, etc over 65.  Ronni Bennett has a couple volunteers, maybe victims, for her demo.

Ronni is telling about her experience at, ten years ago, when she was starting there and being decades older than the rest of the crowd.

The example is wearing gardening gloves and special glasses … the glasses reduce the light coming in and the gloves reduce the sensation and dexterity

this is not easy to tytpe

Above was done wearing gloves … I could only use one finger on each hand … and with Vaseline smeared glasses.  Man wow.

Okay what can you …

Captchas suck …

Hardware and software needs to change.  The 55+ plus segment is the fastest growing segment…but computers aren’t made for elders.

Really, bluntly, I could do a better job on my blog.  I think the type might be too small and such.

Simplicity, larger buttons, fewer bells and whistles.  Ronni … you are da bomb!

Another great reason to hate … extremely annoying and distracting for elders.

Ronni is seeing an iPhone for the first time.  She thinks it’s cool … “Have you seen this?”  I love it.

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  1. Glad to see you sharing your experience from that simulation of sensory problems some older people experience. There are many more issues. Hope you keep the subject on your radar. Found the link here thanks to fp.

  2. Jim Turner says:

    Joared, Thanks for stopping by. Tris and I both loved her presentation, and we are going to try to take to heart some of what she said in how we present not only our blogs, but the blogs of our clients.

  3. till i read your post, i’d not realized how hands-on ronni bennett’s presentation was. thanks!

    “Captchas suck” yes, indeed. blogged about this a couple of times recently. why are so many bloggers comfortable with the loss of interactivity when a commenter does not use the same service as the blogger?

    your check box below is something i’d like to see on TypePad. -naomi, another elderblogger

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