Corporate/Business Blogging and Social Media Management

Companies are continually looking to enter into the online world of marketing, advertising and public relations. They are especially interested in entering these areas through the use of social media and the implementation of blogging as their flagship tool. One By One Media allows for companies to enter into the space efficiently, seamlessly and very affordable with their current online campaigns. We provide professional bloggers for your company website. These professionals are social media managers and have a thorough understanding of the use of blogs and other applications to meet the goals of the company. With the ever increasing amount of applications and tools, we stay on top of the changing tide and provide expert advice on how to implement a social media plan to work seamlessly with your existing programs.

Brand Management and Online Reputation Management

We also monitor the blogosphere and other online circles for what is being said about your company. Part of what we do well is to keep an ear to the ground and listen. Listening is a big part of your social media strategy and managing that task is an important part of what we provide. Has someone said something about you online today? If you don’t know, we can help you. We know what is being said and usually arrive first on the scene.

Community Outreach – Social Networking – Online Participation

If you are standing in the crowd shouting from your soapbox, chances are people are not listening. If you want people to listen to your message and hear what your company is about, then your company must be participating in the world of your potential customer. We can provide expertise in building communities and making friends and followers online. Looking to garner more readers and potential readers, i.e. your prospective customer, is what we do best. Joining in the network and participation is key to any online strategy.


We know this is a confusing way to begin as you jump into the deep end of the social media pool. You wouldn’t do that if you didn’t know how to swim and you shouldn’t do that if you are now well versed in social media. We can provide you with complete and beneficial training in all things social media. Providing insight into what the terminology is, what tools there are, how to use them and the very etiquette of participation in the space. Let us prepare a lesson for you so that you can be armed and ready when it is time for you to head out into the social mediasphere.


We have been all over the country speaking to people about how to be successful in social media. One By One Media is always ready to help others and to talk to you and your company or group. Contact us, we can be ready very quickly to teach, preach, or just chat about the world of social media.