Simple Rules and a Bit of Luck to Successful Business Blogging

That’s what Sue Polinsky of Download Squad says and, frankly, I agree with her:

So you want to start a business blog? Congratulations! Let’s start out by avoiding some of the “great blog mistakes” that too many potential bloggers make.


Bottom line? Read blogs, find your voice, comment on blogs in your field and follow a few rules and policies to be a better business blogger. A guarantee for success? Hardly; there’s that thing called ‘luck’ involved, too.Source: Business blogging bungles – Download Squad

There isn’t anything magic about having a successful business blog, okay maybe the luck part, but there are things that you can do to certainly help things along.  When you read her list, the points are really pretty common sense–if you look at your blog as new communications medium.  You need to tell us who you are, how we can reach you, and your articles need to be titled so we can figure them out.  Sure, things like linking well (yes, I’m sorry, the days of “click here” are pretty much over) and finding your voice are tougher, but those also come with practice.

And while the MSM might like to portray bloggers as a mean-spirited bunch with nothing better to do than to poke fun at new bloggers on the scene, that’s far from the truth.  So, take the plunge.  Really, the water’s fine.

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  1. Hey Tris,

    Did you see the WSJ about small business blogging? I think it’s got some useful insights.


  2. Jim Turner says:


    The story in the Wall Street Journal mentions a client of ours, Ty’s Toy Box. Ty Simpson and George Stolpe came to us a while back and we helped them get into the blogosphere with a blog writer and they have been blogging ever since.

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