Jim giving radio interview at BlogWorld & New Media Expo

Jim Turner helps to guide others and maneuver them through the social media space.  Jim knows people and knows how they interact with business.  Jim also knows about social media and how it can best be used to

interact with people.  Putting all this together to create a syllogistic formula is what he does best.

For more than 20 years Jim worked in the legal field where he spent most of his time working to make it easy to persuade others.  Jim’s common sense approach and ability to communicate on any level (even talking to kids when the need fits) makes him easy to understand.  From the board room, to the classroom and even the playground, Jim can handle any audience.  He has spoken in front of 1000+ and in front of a handful and each have felt as though he was communicating with only them.

Jim continues speaking to audiences face to face and over the Internet, on radio, and on television.  Each digital media comes with its own unique style and requirements and these are understood and mastered as Jim navigates through the use of the tools to make the experience beneficial for all.

Jim Turner interviews Scott Monty of Ford at SXSW

Some of the places where Jim can be found are at technical events, associations, schools, and businesses from the Fortune 500 to the small shop on the corner.  No speaking engagement is too small or too big and each is given complete attention.

Jim has been in charge of hiring and gathering speakers for large events and for workshops and understands the difficulties of making sure the speakers fit the audience and the message to give the attendees and those listening the best experience possible.  He can help you because he understands.

To book Jim to come and speak to you and your audience and to get a quote for the fees and expenses associated, please go to the contact page.

He wants to speak to you!

Some of the places Jim has presented as a speaker.

Jim speaking before a packed room in Miami