Sun Boss To Mullenweg: “We Screwed Up”

In a classy and most unlikely scenario, Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz apologizes to WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg.  This should be a post that is bronzed and put in a plaque form for all blog consulting firms to show clients and their own CEO’s that worry about a blog’s unchecked power in the real world.  Here is a veteran blogger and well respected CEO showing that he has a human side and that not all businesses, whether large are small, are without warts.  He acknowledges that their business failed in this regard.  He said he was sorry and said he would like another chance to prove himself.  Like the rest of us should, I certainly would give him that chance.  Of  note was a comment on the blog written by a Schwartz reader:

"A CEO who blogs is rare. A CEO who publicly admits a mistake is priceless." ~ Sanat Gersappa

This is certainly a statement that tells us that people can respect people for their up front admission of fault.  Don’t be afraid to be human, it is the best way to communicate with others.  Blogging can be scary, but probably not a scary as being the CEO of Sun Microsystems, and admitting a mistake about your business.  To Jonathan Schwartz from this blogger, you have a new fan.

[hat tip: Scoble]

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