Online Marketing Success Requires You To Define Your Customer

definesuccessOnline marketing success begins with the basics. Who is your perfect customer?  Every business owner knows the reputation management online without going over the “stats”, before going through their accounting office, before examining their bottom line and any sales figures.  They know the perfect customer.  As a business owner of any size, be it a mom and pop store on the corner or a multimillion dollar corporation, you know and have worked toward that perfect customer.  This is the the low hanging fruit that any company must have as its foundation.  As a business that is selling Marketing on the Internet as a service to your customers, knowing this customer profile is important to your company and you need to take a moment to learn, identify and educate your entire company on the definition.

If you are a medium to large sized company this is a little more difficult as you begin the process as each department within the company may have a different customer.  The shipping department customer has already purchased the product.  Their customer is the receiver of the goods. This is different than the marketing department.  The manufacturing department has a different customer as does the human resources department.  As a business owner or as the one that must drive growth of the company and sales and marketing of the products and services you provide, you have to boil the basics down to their beginning.  Each of the groups I mention above as examples have differing wants and needs within the business cycle, but each boil down to the basic of what the company has a mission and message and what they provide.  The perfect customer can actually be identified within each department after it’s boiled down.  This is one in the same customer.

Now that you have identified the perfect customer, the question to ask is why is “defining” the customer important? There are times when you stray away from what provides the best success as a business.  You can remember early if you are a small business who your perfect first customer was when you started. Getting back to the basics of getting that customer will help you get back to being a successful business.  Define that perfect customer and begin defining success.  How do you define success?  Start by defining the perfect customer.


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