Speaking of Blogging For A Living At Las Vegas and Wordcamp

I’ll be headed to Vegas this week to talk to people at CES and will be also headed to Affiliate Summit the first part of next week. Sandwiched between and/or during those events, I am lucky enough to attend and speak to attendees of WordCamp Las Vegas.

My discussion is one i have had before on Blogging For A Living. I will be providing the information to people on Sunday at the end of the event, and to say the least there is an all-star lineup of talent all weekend that will be presenting ahead of me and I cannot wait to see some of the great stuff that will be talked about while there. This is the event’s first year and I’m impressed with how much they have accomplished. John Hawkins should be commended for his hard work and the way he has leveraged the Consumer Electronic Show and the Affiliate Summit to help him with the attendance.

If you are going to be in Vegas for either of those events, take some time out to see some of the people speaking, and to hang out with the WordPress people that are attending. Save your $20.00 at the tables and spend it on this event instead. Register before the event as there will not be a way to get in the event at the door. In addition if your company is looking for a way to get some inexpensive exposure, i know that this is a great way to help promote yourself and they are still taking last minute sponsorships.

Your Social Media New Year’s Resolution: I Can’t Help Everyone

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Twitter Monitoring For Lead Generation and Sales – The Twitter Leads

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Social Media Tools Like Twitter Can Be Tough To Implement

I struggle to help some companies not in the cool kids group get the traction they deserve and help with with the use of tools just like Twitter, which brings us full circle to my point (we had to get there sooner or later). … I get many people that follow me on Twitter and when I go to their twitter page they have perhaps 10 updates in the last 6 months or even not at all and they have 3000 people they are following and have about 100

Twitter Keeps Flying But Magpie Makes The Money

As I was growing up in rural Colorado, we had plenty of opportunities to see magpies in their environment. They were usually standing over the latest roadkill. Basically they are scavengers. They get fed from nothing they have done on their own but finding the opportunity. I draw that picture to my own mind and […]

Jim Turner and WebProNews Talk About Professional Blogging in Las Vegas

Abby Johnson of WebProNews got a chance to catch up with me while we finished up our presentation about hiring professional bloggers while out at the Blog World and New Media Expo in the Executive and Entrepreneur Track. I moderated the panel of Darren Rowse of Problogger fame, Will Chen and Greg Go. It was […]

Live From Las Vegas

It’s not exactly “Live From Las Vegas”, okay it is actually recorded from Las Vegas, but you can get a listen in on an interview online, via https://www.vegasguy.com, that was done of me while I was out at Blog World and New Media Expo in Las Vegas last weekend. I intend to post some other […]

Going Home

I was talking to one of my bloggers recently about getting back to my roots and getting back to what made me the blogger I am today. I talked about rediscovering the talents that I developed long ago when I was a Daddy blogger talking about the little things in life that as I discovered […]

Black Friday–Are We Seeing The Demise of Blogging Networks?

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