Social Media: 0-60 In The Blink Of An Eye Doesn’t Happen


If you are thinking of going into social media you have to understand that going fast is not how it works. We are constantly sold the idea of going 0-60. From point A to point B as fast and with as little waiting as possible. We want instant satisfaction. We want to get there fast and get there before anyone else. We want instant results and complete satisfaction at the push of a button. I can think of a hundred of these statements. The problem is, social media doesn’t work this way.

When you started that first day of school or walked into your office that first day of work, did everyone love you right away? When you were on the first day of the job were you the star employee that now has the best parking space because you are employee of the year? Are you the new guy on the block and suddenly everyone has to have you on their list of must invites to the backyard bbq? Of course not. Social media is a journey to be certain. I have seen that some have driven the road faster than others but those that get there fast are a rarity. It takes a while to build trust and a relationship with your community. People need to get to know you. Like a first date you have to get to know each other and whether you want to go on a second and a third and finally after enough time has passed, a commitment can be made. Social media is the same way as relationship building in this manner. Some are better at it than others.

I am still developing relationships and traveling the journey myself. Some of the people I have met are gone and others are just getting into the game. I can offer this much advice. If getting on the social media freeway, make sure to get up to speed before merging. If not a crash is inevitable.

[photo via Irargerich]