Pardon the Dust We Are Changing Some Look And Feel Here


We are trying out the a new template, we were using Lisa Sabin-Wilson’s, template before ad she is doing some really cool things. I look forward to her book coming out on WordPress For Dummies. There might be some dummy actually mentioned in the book.

We are trying some new things here to integrate some video and other media. I am also trying some other things because we have clients that need us to try them out as well. I suppose it is only right that I will be going to speak at Wordcamp in Las Vegas and have a new blog being developed with their application. We will be doing some different things and plugging is some new widgets and some new plugins will be installed.

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Social Media: 0-60 In The Blink Of An Eye Doesn’t Happen

If you are thinking of going into social media you have to understand that going fast is not how it works. We are constantly sold the idea of going 0-60. From point A to point B as fast and with as little waiting as possible. We want instant satisfaction. We want to get there fast […]

Speaking of Blogging For A Living At Las Vegas and Wordcamp

I’ll be headed to Vegas this week to talk to people at CES and will be also headed to Affiliate Summit the first part of next week. Sandwiched between and/or during those events, I am lucky enough to attend and speak to attendees of WordCamp Las Vegas. My discussion is one i have had before […]

“So How Did You Get So Many Followers On Twitter?”

I have been asked that a number of times and I have a specifically crafted response, “I follow everyone that includes social media expert in their bio.” The response has a certain tongue in cheek quality to it but it has more truth than anything else. Yes it is true, like falling out of boat […]

Something Smells Phishy – The Twitter Hacker

I was multitasking when it happened. When I mention the idea of multitasking, I mean serious business. I was once looked at by my old boss as someone that could teach ADD to a rock. I was looking over my emails for the day and saw I had an inordinate amount of Twitter followers. I […]

Your Social Media New Year’s Resolution: I Can’t Help Everyone

There are many people out there getting into shape this week. Those 2009 New Year’s resolutions are getting into full swing. This is a time for the local gym to be jam packed with new people. That new guy that has a large gut (yes I am raising my hand), and an unused sweat suit […]

Twitter Monitoring For Lead Generation and Sales – The Twitter Leads

One the best referrals I get from Google is my post on Google as a Lead Generator. I get many leads as a result of people simply searching on Google for the services I offer. I recently found others that are using online tools as a lead generator as well. Twitter.    I am speaking at […]

Budgeting Social Media Management

Reading Marketing Profs Paul Dunay’s post regarding the company budget for social media I found it interesting specifically about the idea behind content creation. Paul states: Ok but the real cost (again unlike the traditional media stuff) is in Content Creation to fill up those social media / new media channels – here is where […]

Social Media Tools Like Twitter Can Be Tough To Implement

I struggle to help some companies not in the cool kids group get the traction they deserve and help with with the use of tools just like Twitter, which brings us full circle to my point (we had to get there sooner or later). … I get many people that follow me on Twitter and when I go to their twitter page they have perhaps 10 updates in the last 6 months or even not at all and they have 3000 people they are following and have about 100

Twitter Keeps Flying But Magpie Makes The Money

As I was growing up in rural Colorado, we had plenty of opportunities to see magpies in their environment. They were usually standing over the latest roadkill. Basically they are scavengers. They get fed from nothing they have done on their own but finding the opportunity. I draw that picture to my own mind and […]