TechCrunch and The Twitter Documents

I have been following along with the hacked or leak of confidential documents from Twitter that have somehow been sent to Mike Arrington over at TechCrunch.  I am really fascinated, not by the documents or what my possibly be in them, but how the story is being played by the folks at TechCrunch.  Mr. Arrington is in the cat bird seat and knows all too well that this is the case.  He is enjoying every waking moment of it.  The boastful nature of this story is what I am watching. 

I can see that the documents themselves are only in the hands on one news breaker and that is TechCrunch.  They were not sent to anyone at ReadWriteWeb, Mashable or CenterNetworks, or any of the many other tech news companies out there.  If they were, they would all be playing chicken with the documents to get the most press coverage possible.  I am acutely aware and so is Mike Arrington that he holds the keys to that kingdom at the moment.  He alone has the magic. I will be watching to see how many posts come out before the first leaked document, and what that document will reveal, if anything.  I would say there is not much sex to it or he would have long since posted the information for fear of being scooped.  This part also makes me wonder how it is known that he won’t be scooped on the story unless of course, he himself knows that the information is only in his possession which causes some questions. How does he know this?  Has he talked with the hacker that provided the info?  It’s all very much like a "deep throat" thing.

Mike is going to play this orchestrated tune to the very last.  For now, I am going to just watch it as it happens like a Broadway show.

UPDATE:  The stories are now being produced one at a time.  I am predicting that they are now watching to see what is reproduced and watching like a hawk as to whether they get attribution on each and every post. Anyone else want me to pass the popcorn?

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  1. As you mentioned, Mike owns the keys to the kingdom, but do you think the power that TechCrunch has is being used in the wrong manner? Doesn’t this play on Twitter’s documents seem like a grimy move on his and TC’s part? There’s a reason why TC is one of the top blogs in the world, but there’s also a reason why their tech savvy audience has turned into a crap fest filled with trolls. And it’s obvious many of their articles feed off of that.

    The other tech sites that are popular in their own right don’t have this issue and whether you’re looking at no. of subscribers or comments, sure TC has more, but I’d rather go where the real value is – and not the TMZ of Tech.

  2. “I would say there is not much sex to it or he would have long since posted the information for fear of being scooped.”

    Good point. Twitter says it’s like some one came in and rifled through an underwear drawer. Embarrassing but nothing you wouldn’t expect to see.

    Following the underwear analogy, TechCrunch is bragging about a panty raid it didn’t even go on & is teasing about publishing the pics in the school paper because “reporters report the news”. They are loving every second of their highschool popularity.

    I would say it is still better than publishing, but I imagine that the ppl who would find this information financially valuable, will find a way ($$$) to secure it for themselves.

    So whether teh Crunch publishes or not, the damage is done.

    The fact is that twitter exists because WE want it to. I don’t think that will change in the next decade even if possible plans are revealed.

  3. Sonny, I have heard more than one person refer to TC as the TMZ of tech and frankly it is driven by the eyeballs are the commodity that is advertising on the site. These stories sell papers or errr eyeballs.

  4. Mike makes a great point about the press and what is news. The fact is that if there is any wrong doing, it was on the part of hacker that accessed these documents… Not mutually exclusive, however, might be TechCrunch. Don’t underestimate the Michael. Remember Mike.. Don’t be evil.

    Is the Blogger, turned tycoon part of a bigger plan? Who is the mystery hacker? There are just so many questions still..

  5. “…TechCrunch is bragging about a panty raid it didn’t even go on & is teasing about publishing the pics in the school paper…”

    I am so stealing that line. That is classic Brian. Thank you.

  6. Josh I actually sent a tweet with that very quote Mike used before I wrote this. I am going to follow this along to the bitter end like everyone else and I will possibly have a different take on it in the end than some others.

  7. just one note as you listed CN in your article – as you noted we did not receive any documents and I can tell you that I would never post anything that was confidential – no matter how many pageviews it could drive.

  8. @Jim, Feel free 😉

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