Techmeme: A Technology River Guide

Robert Scoble recently revealed to me that the popular technology news site is controlled on the back end by a human river guide.  I refer to Gabe as a river guide because of the now often referred to "River of News."  The guide, in this case Gabe Rivera, picks and chooses news items to appear on the main site based on his own opinion of what is important and what is newsworthy in the technology area.  I’ll be paying more attention I suppose now to Techmeme River.  I’m not sure if Gabe’s opinions and my own are the same about what I would like to read and what I deem important to me.  I think this will turn out to be a service we should get used to in the future.  Once you find a river guide you trust and a you have like mindedness as it relates to news, make sure you tell the rest of us.  I suppose the next thing we will be seeing is "River Guides:  Help Wanted" listed in Craigslist.  Perhaps I have found a new service for us here besides Bloggers For Hire, now we can offer to our clients and customers a  River of News Guide Service.

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