The Naked Book Deal

Shel Israel, co-author of Naked Conversations posted about his experience of signing with Wiley publishers a year ago, and his feelings and thoughts as a new author in the process of closing the deal with a publisher.  This rang home with me about my own thoughts about a book proposal, and how I would go about getting someone interested in the project.  They first discussed their book proposal in December of 2004 and it came to fruition in Scottsdale, Arizona over a year later over a surf and turf dinner with the folks at Wiley. I must note here I was immediately impressed with Wiley’s extra effort to sign the book deal by meeting the authors in Arizona.  Ads by AdGenta.comThis is a great show of service that could and should be blogged about with the folks at Wiley.  Apparently, two of the people, Joe Wikert and Jim Minatel that are at Wiley now have their own blogs and are successfully writing about their industry.  Fellas this is great fodder for the blogs. The power of blogging brought together the authors and the publisher, and a relationship occurred.  This segue’s into my own thoughts about book writing and a proposal for a book I would think could be an inspiration to others wanting to join in the conversation of blogging. In January 2004, I was first hearing about blogs and wondering what this phenomenon was all about.  I was not a technical person by any stretch, and in fact I knew nothing about the back end of the internet other than I think Microsoft was a company that might know something about this web thing.  To me URL was a way that a child would spell his name.  I began to blog in a niche I knew something about, Parenting.  At least it was something that I was passionate about, and was reading other blogs that discussed parenting as well.  It was a smash hit from the beginning.  My readership and popularity grew with each blog post. 2 short years later, in technical years this is closer to 10, I am a blog consultant (blog evangelist) preaching the benefits of blogs to businesses and others.  I have met and grown to be friends with some of the most influential bloggers in the blog world.  Therein is the backbone of the book, "A Daddy blogger’s journey on the road to blogging success".  I am a long way from success in my own mind, but in the short period of time I have been a member of the blogosphere, I’ve come a long way. Shel I appreciate the inspiration, in fact, if I ever have another child, perhaps I’ll just name him URL. 

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