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James Governor, always a safe bet for a good read, made something click for me today.  He re-told a series of events (IM coversations) about connection people and information.  How this connection, the “who you know to connect what to you know to others who need to know” paradigm.  Struggled a bit to find a nice quote without giving away the whole thing (you really should read the whole article), but I thought this bit did nicely:

When I look around I see a world where the real value is in connecting people and knowledge. But doing so in utter secrecy doesnt scale. We don’t do sellside vs buyside. We do active endpoints. We don’t represent one side or the other. We represent the network. We’re switchboard operators for the digital knowledge economy.

That’s what social networkers are and do. We’re connectors.  
Source: James Governor’s Monkchips » Knowledge Workers As Switchboard Operators

Yep,welcome to my (and Jim’s and all the rest of us) world.  In my case typically I’m connecting clients with technologies and services that I know about or know who offers them to ask more.  We’re also, as Bloggers For Hire, connecting companies with kick-ass writers to make their nascent blog dreams become reality.

Then there is just the blogging I do on a daily basis.  I find bits of info, okay maybe you weren’t looking for it at the time, and connect you to it.  Actually it seems a lot of people are looking for yam fry recipes.  My personal blog seems to be a popular destination for such a recipe (and I do think my yam fries are pretty darn good, btw).

Even in my “real world” life I feel like an info/knowledge switchboard.  Sure, often it’s random trivia that seems to gather in my brain like dryer lint, but hey it’s there and I can tap into it pretty easily.

In this vast, new, interconnected world, this has become just part of our existence.  We all have our bits and pieces to share.  The people we know and would like to know.  The information and knowledge we have on hand and what we know we can tap into through our network of friends and colleagues.

You must excuse me, I seem to have another call coming in…

“This is Tris your infoperator, how may I connect you?”

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  1. thanks tris i particularly liked the last line. it really made me chuckle. are you on twitter yet?

  2. Thanks James. Yep I’m on Twitter. Don’t use it often, but I’m there.

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