Why Robert Scoble Is A Better Blogger Than Me

I have been traveling quite a bit lately and that has caused me to get seriously behind on a large amount of work that I need to accomplish.  I have finally caught up with my email inbox which usually hovers around 60 unread messages at any given time, which usually equates to the amount of Twitter bios I need to read to approve or discard.  I began digging into the RSS feed readers (yes plural) that I have disregarded that have been so overwhelmed that many of the search feeds I have for the likes of “business blogging” and “social media consulting” are defaulting to the most it will store.  In other words, I have much work and little time to get it done.  I know I play this off with the idea that I am also the stay at home dad of 4 kids at the ages of 9, 8, 4, and 3, and that has some merit but for the most part I have times when they are sleeping or are not in the picture that I spend catching up but I still think I can be more efficient. I know I need to explain the title of this post.  One of the things I need to catch up on that I have not been doing much of lately is finding what my mentors and friends and colleagues are talking about.  One of the people I admire and one that I think has his finger on the pulse of my industry is Robert Scoble.  I don’t intend for this to be a “Rah Rah Sis Boom Bah” about Robert, so let me explain using him as my example.

Robert is a busy person.  I thought that I was busy and had my hands in a lot of things and doing a lot of work, but for the most part I am not much different than your ordinary overworked and underpaid entrepreneur.  I have been to conferences and walked into that blogger lounge at 1:00 a.m. and have seen Robert’s wife Maryam begging to leave but he is still uploading the latest video and editing the last blog post before he turns in.  That is dedication and it is what inspires me most of the time when I am feeling overworked.  It makes me buck up and get things done more often.  Put to simple terms working hard makes you successful.  I know Gary Vaynerchuk preaches that from his own pulpit.  Working hard does actually payoff, but I must say I have worked hard for other people and all it did was make them more successful so I limit that to we entrepreneurs that want to get on top of the heap.  Sure I have been rewarded when working for others, but for the most part my hard work for them is just that, for them. I swear there is a point in here somewhere.

I just spent part of the morning reading blogs.  I have read all of the folks I love to read in my business, Chris Brogan, David Armano, Beth Harte, Amber Naslund, and yes the list goes on and on.  Many of them are also very much like Robert Scoble, and I could have used most of them as my title, but for me, Robert has been a blogger that has been cutting the trail for most of us in this business.  He is consistently good at what he does with his blog.  Let me give you some of the reasons he is good and why I often use him as an example to people when they want to know about how to be a good blogger.

  • Consistency –  Even when he is inconsistent he is consistent.  He puts things up to read during slow news days and up when things are going crazy.  Sure he does not have a blog post every single day but posts when he wants and has something to say, which in itself is very consistent.
  • Opinionated – He gives us his opinion.  He may be adding to the echo chamber of sorts but he always gets into his posts why he feels it is important.  Telling us why Twitter is cool is one thing but why YOU think it is cool and how YOU are using it or making it part of your life is another.
  • Academic – He is a smart guy.  I have made fun of him in the past about being a “camera salesman” and I mean that more in jest than anything, but he is very smart about business.  He has seen the emergence of some very cool technologies that have gone on to be big players and he seems to know what works and has great insights into what businesses can do with their product or service.  I can see why he has VC friends.  They want to know what he thinks is cool.
  • Human – He shows his human side.  I know when he is angry or when he is fed up or when he is happy about something.  I can see his humanness come through in his blog posts.  Not many people allow that or even begin to know how to impart that in their blog posts.
  • Integrity – In a world full of “sponsored conversations” and sell-outs to the little tidbits of advertising dollars, he stays true to what he does, good blogging.  This has offered far more rewards than a $500 gift card or a free T-shirt.  This has also allowed his access to some of the brightest minds and has opened doors for him that others will never have offered to them.  He keeps his eyes on the big prize.
  • Passionate – You can hear it in the way he talks about things.  His job, his wife and sons, and his friends.  I have this passion when I am a Daddy blogger and it helped me become a better blogger.  I have that passion but it does not always come out in my writing here.  Some days I write a post because I think Google might forget about me.  That is the wrong reason to put up a post.

As I indicated before, there are many many bloggers out there that have this very same resume and are doing it just as well in these areas or better.  I merely wanted to single Robert out as I had his RSS feeds on my list today and I began to feel very small in this big pond after reading and then looking back on my own blog and seeing how I have not been doing things well at all.  I have had some great posts and flashes of greatness in the past, but for the most part I can take what I have been taught by those doing it well and try to keep up with them.  I am not sure that is possible but I can hope to some day be like that. It took me back to a time when Robert called me out about my job as a blogger and I think maybe I need to go back to being better.  I am going to see if I can get into that swing and set out some goals for myself to add to the signal and not the noise.  For the moment I will leave you with that as I run into the next room to see if I can figure out what the kids just shattered on the kitchen floor.  Is summer over yet?  Thanks Robert, and when are you going to start that Daddy blog?

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